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We are a team of experienced, qualified and most importantly approachable advisors.

As our name suggests, we pride ourselves on quality of our services, with customer service being at the core of our values.

We strive to ensure our service is tailored to the individual needs of every customer.

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Justyna Kosno

Justyna has developed into an expert in mortgage advice in the time she has worked in the industry. Her best quality is the time and detail she puts into each enquiry to ensure that applications go through quickly and smoothly once submitted to a mortgage lender.

Justyna has a genuine desire to help people and gets great satisfaction form helping clients move to a new home, solving financial problems or just saving someone money. Her desire to help and her knowledge regularly sees her providing support to newer members of the team making her key to the business.

She lives in Peterborough with her husband and daughter. Justyna enjoys cycling and spending time with her family.