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Employees are an essential resource for the companies. As a business owner, you can increase the loyalty & satisfaction of your staff by offering some employee benefits packages. You can choose from many options available on the market including dental care or critical illness cover. Recently, our advisors completed a specialised training in this area, so their advice is always relevant, up-to-date and independent. We encourage you to look for more information in our dedicated series of articles below.

Dental Care Insurance

You can make a claim immediately after the start of the cover. Also, you have a choice to visit an NHS doctor or a private specialist. Some options include reimbursement of services such as implants, orthodontics for children or mouth guardians. Finally, the employee’s partner and children also can receive the cover.

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Group Critical Illness

There are many different schemes, but, in general, an employee can receive a payment after surviving covered critical illness for at least 14 days. You can include members’ spouses & children in the insurance. If you wonder which health condition is a “critical” one, the answer is that it depends which scheme you’ve chosen in a particular insurance company.

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Avoid Cost of Absenteeism

“Employee benefits” is a general term and many packages are available. If you would like to decrease absenteeism caused by mental health problems, consider options that include life cover with well-being care. Besides traditional insurance, your employees could benefit from additional services such as access to medical experts, nurses or mental health specialists.

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Group Life Insurance

A group life insurance is very similar to a personal one. The main difference is that you, as a business owner, can cover either some or all your employees instead of just yourself. The decision about who should be included in the agreement is entirely up to you. The amount of the benefit can be based on the salary, for example, a multiple from 1x to 12x of [...]

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