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We are a team of experienced, qualified and most importantly approachable advisors.

For many of us a purchase of residential property is the largest financial investment in our life. in most cases a purchase of real estate is financed by a mortgage taken out for this purpose. The interest rate charged for a mortgage depends on many factors such as the form of repayment or the amount of deposit paid in. Before making a decision about the choice of a bank or a building society, it is worth comparing offers from the whole of the market to make sure that the selected lender is really the most suitable for your situation. Many advisors offer brokerage services from the whole of the market, but does it truly mean that a broker will look for mortgages in the whole market? Not necessarily. Frequently, brokers limit themselves to a small, sometimes including 30 banks, group of banks – panel of lenders. At Five Star Mortgages the whole of the market means that if a chosen lender wants to work with us, then we will work with them as well! This guarantees the highest chances for finding you the best mortgage that is matched to your individual needs.


Most of all, we adapt our services to your needs! We know that a purchase of a house entails many questions, stress and uncertainty about whether everything will be successfully completed. Our job is to make this task easier for you. Even if it means working outside of normal business hours, or with assistance in filling in documents. We will also regularly contact the chosen lender and your conveyancer to reduce the risk of delays. After being offered a mortgage we will carefully check it to make sure it does not contain any errors or mistakes. All this, to save you unnecessary expenses and stress!


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Experian allows you to generate a credit score. You can receive your report as often as you wish. With a premium account, you will see your credit report updates daily.

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Equifax is another consumer credit reporting agency. Their services are free for 30 days and then you have buy subscription to view your report. Follow the link to find more information.

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Credit Karma offers you access to your credit report free for life - not just 30 days - and helps you put your credit rating to good use.

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